Prevention is far better and cheaper than cure.  If you want to enjoy many more years of fun with your X1/9 (and lets face it, all of us do) then we stress that a full wax-oil is essential for X1/9s to survive in our brutal weather climate.  Through many years of experience, we know all the places where rust develops so we know how to prolong the life of your car.  Remember, the mechanical components can always be replaced - Its the neglected bodywork that has been the cause of most X1/9s entering the scrap yard!

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We have the best experience in the business to restore X1/9s.  Quality welding, bodywork, paint jobs and mechanical repairs can be carried out to turn your X1/9 back to itís former glory.    

            With such extensive knowledge in the car, you can be sure that rust wonít come creeping back when the work is done properly.


 Something broken on your X1/9? An X1/9 specialist can save you time and money with having most spares in stock and the familiarity to sort the problem competently.

            Common repairs are: aligning doors/windows, electrics, chassis coolant pipe repairs, welding and removing rust, fitting performance parts and repairing mechanical defects.

If you need to get your car through the MOT, we can do all the necessary work to make it fly through the test!


P1X can do all forms of servicing including cam-belt changes, improving the breaking system and general fettling to get the best out of your engine.  We use quality oils and parts to make your car drive as it should.  

Recent examples that we have worked on include a nice condition, local Gran-Finale, and a low mileage Lido that was shortly magazine featured as the best sports car of the 70s.



If we can stick a V6 in an X1/9 and turn it into a super-car, then there is not much we canít do to your car.  Twin-cam, Uno turbo and V6 conversions can be carried out, but will vary greatly in the level of work Ė resulting in a vast difference in price.

Externally we can modify different parts of the bodywork. A desired mod is the P1X bumperless design Ė giving the front of your X1/9 a sharp custom spoiler and stainless grill. (Plus hours of welding and bodywork!!). We can fit suspension upgrades, brake conversions and even tweak the engine with relevant products.


All prices vary greatly on the level of work involved

Please ring for advice!